Exhibitor List: Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo View the Show Layout

Company Booth Website
3D Mapping Solutions GmbH AV6500 www.3d-mapping.de
AB Dynamics AV6620 www.abdynamics.com
ADAS iiT AV6612 www.adas-iit.com
Aimsun AV6100 www.aimsun.com
All4Tec AV6404 www.all4tec.net
Altran AV6406 www.altran.com
Ann Arbor SPARK AV6406 www.AnnArborUSA.org
ANSYS Germany GmbH AV6214 www.ansys-germany.com
ANYVERSE AV6402 anyverse.ai
Atlatec GmbH AV6310 www.atlatec.de
Automotive Artificial Intelligence (AAI) A6216 www.automotive-ai.com
AV Simulation AV6202 www.avsimulation.fr
AVL List GmbH AV6222 www.avl.com
b-plus GmbH AV6108 www.b-plus.com
Blickfeld GmbH AV3050 www.blickfeld.com
Cepton Technologies Inc AV6312 www.cepton.com
CMORE Automotive GmbH AV6322+AV6326 www.cmore-automotive.com
Crystal Group Inc AV6514 www.crystalrugged.com
CTAG AV6204 www.ctag.com
Dataspeed Inc AV6616 www.dataspeedinc.com
dSPACE GmbH AV6418 www.dspace.com
Elektrobit Automotive GmbH AV6218 www.automotive.elektrobit.com
Foretellix Ltd AV6426 www.foretellix.com
gestigon GmbH AV7004 www.valeo.com
iMPORTANT AV6316 www.important.com
INFINIQ AV226 www.infiniq.co.kr
INTEMPORA SA AV6306 intempora.com
IPG Automotive AV6600 www.ipg-automotive.com
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH AV6116 www.joanneum.at
Konrad Technologies AV6612 www.konrad-technologies.com
Luminar Technologies Inc AV6334 www.luminartech.com
measX GmbH & Co KG AV6612 www.measx.com
Merantix AG AV6228 www.merantix.com
MESSRING Active Safety GmbH AV6618 www.messring.de
MSC Software GmbH AV6424 mscsoftware.com
NAVENTIK GmbH AV6208 www.naventik.de
Next Limit AV6402 www.nextlimit.com
NIRA Dynamics AB AV6034 www.niradynamics.se
OPAL-RT AV6420 www.opal-rt.com
OPTIS SAS AV6214 www.optis-world.com
Ouster AV6414 www.ouster.io
Prophesee AV9005 www.prophesee.ai
PTV GROUP AV6516 www.ptvgroup.com
QTronic AV6502+AV 6506 www.qtronic.de
Qumulo Inc AV6224 www.qumulo.com
rFPro AV6504 www.rfpro.com
S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH AV6612 www.sea-gmbh.com
SET GmbH AV6612 www.smart-e-tech.de
Siemens AV6104 www.plm.automation.siemens.com
Spirent Communication International Division AV6206 www.spirent.com
StreetDrone AV6508 www.streetdrone.com
Technica Engineering GmbH AV6402+AV6502 www.technica-engineering.de
Topcon Europe Positioning B.V AV6112 www.topconpositioning.com
TSN Systems GmbH AV6308 www.tsn-systems.com
Vector Informatik GmbH AV6602 www.vector-informatik.de
Velodyne Europe GmbH AV6106 www.velodyne.com
ViGEM GmbH AV6518 www.vigem.de
VSI Labs TBC www.vsi-labs.com
XenomatiX AV6302 www.xenomatix.com
Xsens AV6318 www.xsens.com
XYLON AV6114 www.logicbricks.com
ZalaZONE Proving Ground AV6200 www.zalazone.hu
Zenzic AV6330 www.zenzic.io

Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo is held alongside Automotive Interiors Expo, Automotive Testing Expo and Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo. Visitors will be able to see all of the component suppliers and manufacturers listed above by attending Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo.

Future show: Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo 2021, June 8, 9, 10, 2021, Hall C2, Messe Stuttgart, Germany
Future show: Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo 2022, June 21, 22, 23, 2022, Hall C2, Messe Stuttgart, Germany