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Sintered steel mechanical components

Sinteris will show the huge variety of its sintered steel products at this year’s Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo. The company focuses its attention on customer needs, extreme flexibility in production and continuous improvement. Visitors to the expo will see the components produced for auto, truck and moto markets, for hydraulics, locks, and many others.

Visitors will find components ranging from the biggest pulleys (for truck axles, with relative gears and washers), to the smallest (for drivelines); many kinds of phonic wheels; components for steering systems, airbags and seatbelts; small gears and pinions for burners; a variety of rotors and gerotors for oil pumps in hydraulic applications.

Attendees can also bring drawings for Sinteris to analyze, so that visitors can see the wide range of products that powder metallurgy allows you to realize.
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