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Exhaust system insulation

Nipass operates in a region of the Czech Republic with a long tradition of manufacturing motor vehicles and accessories, and makes the most of the extensive experience of its workforce, craftsmanship and the availability of specific manufacturing and design processes. The company has been awarded an EN-ISO 9001 certificate, and its priority is to maintain the high standard of its products and services.

Nipass insulates its exhaust systems to withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C. Fiberglass insulation is used to insulate pipes to withstand temperatures of up to 550°C. For temperatures up to 1,300°C the company uses insulation based on ceramic fibers or other materials. For special insulation, micro-porous insulation material makes the insulation seven times thinner, allowing it to be used to insulate places with a minimal amount of space.

Insulation cladding is made from sheet stainless steel or aluminum, or sewn insulation from soft fabric with a waterproof layer. In small series, insulation cladding is generally applied using riveted sheet-metal (aluminum or stainless steel) segments; for larger series it is better to press thin sheet-metal semi-finished products, which are then welded onto the pipe to form a solid insulated exhaust.
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