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Soft magnetic composites

Sintex develops and manufactures customized components in soft magnetic composites (SMC). The company ensures competitive products with magnetic properties such as good relative permeability and high magnetic saturation combined with high electrical resistance. The SMC material consists of very pure iron powder with a special surface coating on each particle. This electrically insulating surface ensures high electrical resistance and almost negligible eddy current loss.

SMC is attractive in applications that require low losses, particularly at high frequencies. The benefits of SMC increase with the magnetic frequency. At frequencies exceeding approximately 200Hz, SMC exhibits lower loss than standard 0.5mm-thick laminated iron plates. This has benefits in terms of the maximum power rating, running costs and the environment.

The isotropic magnetic properties of SMCs provide new opportunities. SMCs are made of compressed powder, enabling the production of workpieces with complex geometries. Components can often be designed to be smaller, lighter and cheaper, and integration with the surrounding system can be easier because the number of geometric limitations is reduced. The complicated 3D geometries and alternative flux paths permit a high fill factor for copper windings.
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