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Precision metal components

Marvit, one of the largest Italian turners of precision metal components, certified IATF 16949:2016, boasts more than 50 years of experience. The company can supply precision-turned and ground metal components for windshield-wiper systems (wiper hinges, ball hinges and driven shafts); motor shaft alternators and pulleys; injection systems (valve bodies) for diesel engines; oil distribution systems (bodies, pistons, nozzles); and sheathing for electrical components. The parts can be supplied complete with surface and heat treatment on request.

Marvit is specialized to process brass, aluminum, high-speed steels and stainless steel. Continual development and updating of the technology used to manage production, together with a company organization built around the idea of quality, have enabled Marvit to achieve a high level of flexibility and efficiency in its manufacturing processes. State-of-the-art equipment enables the company to produce turned products with diameters ranging from 2mm to 60mm using automatic single-spindle and multi-spindle CNC lathes. Marvit is also equipped with new, highly automated production lines dedicated to automotive items – machining islands comprising CNC lathes, grinding and transfer machines, enabling machining of turned elements with extremely tight dimensional tolerances (up to 3 microns).
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