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Thomas Iser

My path has led me from one of the world’s leading engineering service providers to a Tier 1 supplier of powertrain components. As a lead engineer I was responsible for the development process of propshafts, as well as the validation and series transfer. In order to constantly expand my own horizon, I ventured into a start-up in AI-industry and had the opportunity to expand major capabilities in this growing business. As a current Key Account Manager, I have now found a position that challenges me technically, but also requires commercial skills and gives me the freedom to contribute a good knowledge of human nature. NVH topics were always a constant companion.


Full metal NVH solutions for the automotive industry

Every car manufacturer is faced with NVH issues (Noise – Vibration – Harshness). These can have an impact to safety infrastructure, to comfort and quality and can influence the durability of components. Elastic mounts can, beside the vibration isolation function, also decouple resonances within structures. Components can be specifically protected to ensure functionality and increase their life span. As the leading specialist for vibration control technology, we are part of the globally acting Hutchinson Group, a TOTAL Energies subsidiary. We will give you some insights into the field of noise and vibration harshness and want to show you how to solve those issues.