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Peter Kjeldsteen

Peter Kjeldsteen from Sintex has a background as chemical engineer from the Technical University of Denmark from 1999. This was topped up with an e-MBA with focus on innovation in 2014. Peter is a strong metallurgist and has developed several new materials within the world of powder metallurgy. He is member of the board in EPMA and in 2018 he initiated the foundation of a new sub-group handling functional materials. Today he is still chairing the group working with functional materials where both hard and soft magnetic materials are handled. Peter has been working at Sintex for 17 years – 15 as R&D Manager, and the last years as Senior Business Development Manager.


Sustainable impact by soft magnetic composites in future motors

At Sintex we have developed a strong supply chain enabling a significant reduction in CO2 emissions from the manufacturing process. Furthermore we have developed a software design tool that can optimize an electrical motor reducing both weight and copper consumption and in some cases even raise the efficiency of the motor. In this presentation we will demonstrate our agile software and show how we can reduce CO2, weight and cost on an industrial case.