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Mikael Vuotari

Mikael Vuotari is CEO for PVI Hydroforming AB located in Sweden. In the current role Mikael is committed to organic growth in a sustainable way. 20+ years of experience within the industrial segment in Europe, India and China and a particular interest for production development. Mikael has held several different roles within ABB Ltd, graduate B.Sc. mechanical engineering.


Hydroforming - makes the impossible possible

Is it possible to manufacture a “one piece” product? There is a good chance if the right parameters are chosen. By having some basic understanding of hydroforming and material selection the probability increases for a cost-effective solution with tight tolerances and large numbers of parts out of tool with high repetitions. The benefits of hydroforming can be described as – complex shapes/geometrics is possible to achieve and with that comes a stronger, lighter- and more rigid body structure.