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Michael Forstner

Born in 1965, married, 3 children, living in Fellbach/Stuttgart, Deutsche Schule Madrid 1969-1975, 1975-1984 Salier Gymnasium Waiblingen, 1985-1987, Special Airborne Forces, 1987-1991 FH Aalen, Kunststofftechnik, stages in Bosch/Kärcher, 1991-2011 Parker Hannifin (design, production, quality), General Manager Europe (2008-2011), 2012-2015 coMFors Consulting, 2016-2023 Averis GmbH (GITIS Group), Managing Partner.


What's NEV? - NEV challenges in product development

Product development is always challenging and complex; in the NEV market, there are new boundary conditions: time to market, budget limits, less and/or missing experience. A well settled supplier can deliver added value to his above TIER and be part of the NEW challenge. GITIS has started years before to invest in tools and people to outperform the market and now we see the first results.